The strong and virtuous lady

Good day everyone this story am about to write is all about a lady who have been struggling for survival right from childhood, princess lyra come from a poor background she was schooling then but later decided on her to quit and work to assist her parents who couldn’t afford her need despite paying for her younger ones . later the day she made a decision on traveling with her step sister for her to accomplish her dream buh unfortunately things turn down the way she expected the step sister turn against her to the extent feeding her was a problem she started seeing princess lyra as a stranger to her.the poor lyra decided to make a plan about living her house to ask for where to stay but where she asked her self,a stranger in no man’s land though she was a pretty and was after her but all they wanted is her body no one accommodated her it was as if the world is against her she fall many temptation still she maintain her standard knowing the type of background she came from.later for how many months she was scouting with a stranger because she has no choice gradually on her own she started working as a sale girl though it wasn’t easy for both feeding and all that,with time she was feeling a bit comfortable with the way she is passing the process of survival As time goes she needed someone who will guide her atleast to save up some money both didn’t share the idea with anyone she kept it between her self.she has no body to support and tush her up as a pretty lady she has been lacking something as a lady

Pls before finishing the story i want u guys to contribute on how she can make it all alone

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